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Lighting is an essential factor in any home. A home with proper lighting is comfortable and functional because it guides us while we go about our daily routine. Additionally, proper lighting also enhances everything present in the home (the furniture, flooring, and finishing).

But there is more to lighting your home than just fixing windows and adding a chandelier or two. You have to take into account how each room would be used or the tasks to be performed in each of them. After that, you consider the mix of ambient and decorative fixtures to meet your requirements.

This guide talks about the various types of lighting for homes, their particular function, and the various fixtures that can provide these types of lighting. So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

Type of lighting used in homes

1. Natural light

When talking about lighting and lighting fixtures, one must mention natural lighting. Natural lighting is by far the most common type of lighting, as its main source is sunlight. You get natural lighting into your home by placing windows in strategic places to take advantage of daylight.

Natural sunlight is essential to human health and well-being. Countless studies have confirmed that natural sunlight helps in the provision of vitamin D, supports bone health, lowers blood pressure, prevents diseases, and promotes good mental health.

2. Ambient lighting

Ambient lighting, also termed ‘general lighting’, is the main source of lighting or overall illumination of a given room. It provides a uniform and comfortable illumination without too much glare, helping you navigate and go about your daily routine comfortably.

Ambient lighting fixtures


Chandeliers are circular swinging fixtures that have numerous arms connected to uplights and sometimes downlights. They feature crystal lanterns and offer a very striking look to a room decor, whether small or big. Chandeliers can be used in almost every area of the home, including the living room, banquet halls, bathroom, etc. They also pair well with classic and rustic design aesthetics.

Track lighting

Track lighting contributes to the overall illumination of the home and is mostly used for directional and focal lights. They are mounted to and protrude from the ceiling, pointing directly downward. This type of lighting fixture is used to illuminate hallways in a home.

Recessed ceiling lights

Recessed fixtures are indoor lighting that is fully concealed or installed inside the walls, ceiling, or floors. This type of lighting fixture can be used just about anywhere in the house but is commonly found in certain areas like kitchens, great rooms, and hallways.

Decorative scones

Wall scones or decorative scones offer both lighting and decoration to a home, providing both upward and downward directional light. They are usually installed in pairs or groups and are used to light hallways or placed by the side of the bed.

3. Tasks Lighting

As mentioned earlier, ambient lighting is general lighting that offers uniform illumination in a room. But when you need to perform certain tasks like cooking, reading, or studying, you will want more than just ambient lighting. This is where task lighting comes in; they are typically focused where they are needed and are brighter than ambient lighting.

Tasks lighting fixture

Portable desk lamp

Portable desk lamps are perfect for reading, writing, home-office tasks, or any other type of homework that requires clear or focused visibility. They are often adjustable, providing flexibility for the user.  This type of lighting fixture is commonly used in the home office, study room, or work room.

Pendant Lighting
kitchen interior - samkins construction

Just like chandeliers, pendant lighting is hung from the ceiling, and the light is directed downward. This type of lighting fixture features a bulb and a decorative shade over it, making it a great decorative fixture. You will most likely find this type of light in the kitchen above the countertop, where it is needed the most.

Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is generally employed in the kitchen. It illuminates the countertop properly for chopping, mixing, or whatever cooking activity you find yourself doing. This type of lighting fixture also offers a beautiful backsplash to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

4. Accent lighting

Accent lighting is more like decorative lighting rather than functional lighting. Basically, it is used to draw attention to what you wish to highlight. This could be the lighting fixture itself, a sculpture, memorabilia, painting, architectural design, motivational quotes, etc.

Accent lighting fixtures

Candle lights

Candle lights are very similar to the typical chandeliers, but instead of crystal lanterns, they feature candle lights. This light fixture captures all the beauty and ambiance of a lit candle while also offering numerous designs possible to suit any home decor.

Wall scones

Wall scones are also used for accent lighting, as they can be stationed close to an object you wish to highlight. You will likely find this type of lighting fixture in hallways next to pictures, sculptures, artworks, etc.


What type of lighting fixture is best suited for a living room?

The living room is the heart of many activities. You will need a bright light to showcase various components. The best types of lighting fixtures suitable for a living room are; Chandeliers Lighting, Pendant Lighting, and Recessed Ceiling Lighting.

What type of lighting is best suited for the bedroom?

Many neglect proper lighting in the bedroom as they assume its primary purpose is for sleeping. While this is right, you must also take into account that the bedroom is used for other activities such as reading or working. The best type of lighting fixtures suitable for bedrooms are wall scones, chandeliers, and recessed ceiling lighting.

Which type of lighting is best suited for the bathroom?

Most recent or modern bathrooms are extravagant, spacious, and luxurious. The best types of lighting for these types of bathrooms are ceiling lights and track lights.

Which type of lighting is best for the kitchen?

The kitchen is a multifunctional area in the home where many activities take place daily. It requires proper lighting like under-cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, and natural lighting.

What type of lighting is best for the dining room?

The dining room is essential because this is where family and friends meet to dine and talk. It is also another spot where kids go to do their assignments. The best types of lighting for the dining room are pendant lighting and chandeliers.

Conclusion – Choosing the right lighting for various areas in your home

Whether you are a potential homeowner or you are just seeking to do a renovation in your home, choosing proper lighting is more than just choosing an attractive decorative fixture. It is a different ball game here; you have to take into account how the space is going to be used or the tasks being performed there daily.

The rule of thumb is to use ambient lighting in rooms that need to light up evenly, like the living room. Task lights are best suited for rooms where various activities are carried out from time to time e.g. the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or study room. Accent lighting, on the other hand, is best suited for specific areas or objects that need attention, such as entrances, plants, artworks, or fireplaces.

By carefully considering the functionality of each room, you can create the perfect illumination for every space in your home. Ready to decide? Get in touch today.

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