Double Occupancy Room – Meaning And Distinct Features

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When searching online for hotel accommodations, cruise, or Airbnb, you must have encountered the term “double occupancy room.” Yes, we all know that occupancy is the number of people staying in a room. But what does a double occupancy room mean?

As the name implies, a double occupancy room is built to be occupied by two people. Depending on the guest’s requirement, it may contain a king or queen-sized bed or two single beds.

Aside from the above-mentioned definition, it would be best if you learned other essential things. Read on to find out.

What is in a double occupancy room?

Double occupancy rooms are exactly what they sound like. That is rooms built or tailored to accommodate two occupants. That said, the number of occupants in the room can also be less (one guest) or more.

But in most cases, hotels would have a limit to the number of occupants allowed. This is because most hotel policies are likely to have limitations in case of a fire outbreak. These rooms are built or designed for the comfort of two people.

They usually come with;


Usually, the rooms are furnished with queen, king, or two single beds. But in most cases, the guest has the choice of choosing which type of bed he/she would prefer to be in the room. There is usually a nightstand on each side of the bed. In cases where two single beds are used, the beds are placed a few feet apart with a nightstand by each.

The room will also come with one or two armchairs, an office chair, a lounge chair, and sometimes an office desk. Depending on the hotel, it may have a small or large wardrobe closet and lighting decor. Other additional pieces of furniture may include; a floor lamp, a dresser, an ironing board, and an iron.


The bathroom in a double occupancy room is top-notch. Most will come with either a tub, a shower, a water closet, or a sink. It would also feature toiletries like; travel-sized bottles of soap, body lotion, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.


Amenities for double occupancy rooms will include air-conditioning, thermostats, and heaters. Additionally, the use of Cable TV and pay-per-view options for other channels.

Furthermore, they come with landline telephones which are free to use within the hotel premises. Additional rates may be incurred for outside calls. Other outside-the-room amenities include the use of the pool, gym, etc.

How is a double occupancy room different from a single occupancy room?

When viewing hotel room rates, you might have noticed some have single and double occupancy rooms. The two are entirely different from each other.

A single occupancy room is a room designed for one person or guest. Double occupancy, on the other hand, is a room designed for two occupants or guests.

Why is a single occupancy room more expensive than a double occupancy room?

This is a question many people ask to secure rooms before their travel. The answer is pretty simple; hotels increase the price of single occupancy rooms because they get less from the occupants during their stay.

Let’s look at this from a more practical aspect. A single occupancy room would likely contain fewer occupants than a double occupancy room. Remember that these hotels expect occupants to spend on food, drinks, and entertainment.

It is easy to see that the hotel will gain more from the double occupancy room than its counterpart. Most hotels will likely charge more for single occupancy rooms to make ends meet. This is even why most have only a few single occupancy rooms.


How many people can stay in a double occupancy room?

The rule of thumb is usually two people, but it can also be more or less, depending on the hotel policy.

What does “price per person double occupancy” mean?

This is a term used when the room’s price is to be shared among the two guests. It is commonly used when both individuals are open to sharing the room.


Double occupancy rooms are common in tourism and travel, especially in hotels. It refers to a room designed to accommodate two occupants.

It may contain a queen or king-sized bed or even two single beds. Other furniture, such as chairs, desks, nightstands, etc., are included. It may also have additional amenities and bathroom features to make your stay more comfortable.

If you are considering booking one for your travel, it is best to research beforehand or call the hotel in question. This is to help you know what kind of services you are paying for.

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