Do Plumbers Make Good Money? [Job Outlook & Tips To Boost Earnings]

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The need for plumbers is just like the need for doctors; they are always in demand. Every building needs a plumber or at least plumbing needs at a point. But do plumbers make good money?

They do. Many plumbers make good money, working both independently or under a plumbing company. It is a very lucrative profession with room for more income, depending on your level of expertise.

However, just like other occupations, various factors may influence your earning potential. This article will highlight these factors and what to do to maximize your earning potential.

Do plumbers make good money?

With the steady increase in college costs, many people have started to wonder if getting a degree is worth it. Even public figures are beginning to tilt the way of trade schools and technical schools.

I’m not saying getting a college degree is not worth it. Personally, I feel earning a college degree leads to higher lifetime earnings and a lower rate of unemployment.

However, the fact remains that a career as a plumber can be as lucrative as other jobs. According to Kevin O’Leary; “there are a lot of trade schools that would help you make good and decent money.” He further mentioned, “Every building needs a plumber; be a plumber; they get rich.” 

Now, back to the question: do plumbers make good money? Yes, they do. However, certain factors play a huge role in how much they earn. I will highlight these factors further in this article, so keep reading.

How much do plumbers make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average earning of plumbers in the United States is $60,090. The lowest 10% (entry-level) earn around $36,700, and the highest 10% (master plumbers) earn more than $99,920.

Several factors also play a huge role in how much plumbers earn. They include;

  • Your level of expertise
  • Type of work (independent, part-time, full-time, etc.)
  • Client base
  • The location where the plumber resides

How to become a plumber?

Now that you have seen the average earnings, learn how to become a successful plumber.

1. Get the educational requirement

The basic, a high school diploma or equivalent, is typically required. You can also go the extra mile and attend a technical school. Most of them offer courses in pipe system design, safety and tool use, and other welding courses needed for apprenticeship training programs.

2. Get the proper training

Most plumbers would get the required training from apprentice programs, which can take 2 – 5 years. Most apprenticeships will offer 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training.

3. Get your license and certification

The license and certification requirement varies for each state. However, most will likely require you to have at least two years of experience to take a plumbing license exam. 

The exam for the plumbing license is pretty straightforward. They would test your knowledge of federal plumbing codes and state regulations and your basic understanding of maintenance.

Ways to increase your earning as a plumber

The following are some tips to help maximize your earning potential as a plumber.

1. Get more experience

Generally, the more experience you have, the more you will likely earn. On average, plumbers with less than a year of experience earn about $24.29 per hour, and plumbers with more than ten years of experience earn $35.23 per hour.

2. Try commercial plumbing

Commercial plumbers work in commercial buildings like apartment complexes, commercial business buildings, public places, etc. They work to maintain the plumbing system of these commercial buildings. You can choose to become one; they make good money while still broadening their expertise along the way.

3. Consider changing your location

Did you know that there are some high-paying cities in the United States? As a plumber, places like New York City, D.C., Los Angeles, or Houston will pay you more than other less populated cities. For more information, you can check the highest-paying cities for plumbers.


What types of plumbers make the most money?

Plumbing Engineers are said to make the most with a salary range of $73,000 – $97,000 per year.

Which country pays plumbers the most?

The United States comes out as the country that pays plumbers the most.

Wrapping things up – Is being a plumber worth it?

Experienced labor professionals are in high demand. Plumbing is one of those professions, as no building in the world doesn’t require plumbing. As a plumber, you are guaranteed never to be out of work, even during a recession. So yes, being a plumber is definitely worth it. If this is your dream, you should go for it.

However, it is worth knowing that you do not have to end there; you can push further and become a master plumber. This will increase your earning potential and enable you to start your own plumbing business as an independent contractor.

I believe I was able to answer some of your questions about plumbers. For more educative content, visit Samkinsconstruction today.

Thanks for reading.

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