Types Of Doors For Your Home – Based On Material & Style

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As they say, there is no room without an entrance or exit point, and this exit or entrance is often marked with a door. Doors create privacy, define a space, reduce noise, and install beauty and style. You might assume that all doors are equal or the same; well, they are not. There are various types of doors you can have installed in your home; by design and by material.

In this article, I will highlight various types of doors to help you decide which kind of door you would want for your home. So, without wasting time, let’s dive right into it.

Types of doors

There are endless doors that can be made or bought on the market today. This can make deciding which you want for your home and where more difficult. So, to help you out, I will narrow the list down to the very best based on both materials and door styles.

Types of doors based on style

1. Dutch doors

Dutch doors

You might not be familiar with the name Dutch door, but I believe you have seen this type of door at some point. Dutch doors are split (horizontally) in half for the top and bottom to operate independently. This type of door is ideal for kitchens and patios.

2. French doors

French doors

When you talk about elegance or making a statement, French doors are just about the right fit. It consists of two doors that are mainly composed of glass panes. These two doors can be opened independently or together and are mostly used as the main entrance door or living room door.

3. Bifold doors

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are commonly used to cover closets and utility rooms. They are lightweight doors that slide open as they close or fold. You will likely see bifold doors made of aluminum, vinyl, and wood, although most modern bifold doors now feature glass and steel frames, making them suitable for exteriors.

4. Hinged doors

Hinged doors

You may be familiar with this type of door; they are common in various homes today. Hinged doors are used mostly as passage doors, connected on hinges so they can swing easily to and from the room. You can use this type of door just about anywhere in the home.

5. Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are mostly used on the exterior of the house. They run on a track as you push them; this way, they don’t protrude into the space of the house at all. Although they are mostly used on the exterior, sliding doors can find their way into the interior (e.g., the closet or utility room).

6. Battened and ledged doors

Battened and ledged door

Battened and ledged doors have been around for ages and are still being used even up to date. They consist of wooden battens and horizontal ledges and can either be braced or framed to provide a more stern look. They are commonly used for bathrooms, hallway closets, and utility rooms.

7. Flush doors

Flush door

Flush doors are sorted after because they offer a sleek aesthetic and are surprisingly very affordable. They also offer high durability, which is why they are used for bathroom doors, toilet doors, or utility rooms indoors.

Types of doors based on materials

1. Wooden doors

Wooden door

Wooden doors are the go-to type of doors today because the materials used in making them are very much always available. They can be used just about anywhere in the house but are commonly used for the exterior door.

2. Steel doors

Steel door

Metal doors, mostly steel, have been used for both interior and exterior doors for a long time now. They are preferred as a more sturdy alternative to wooden doors and are surprisingly more economical.

3. Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors

Fiberglass doors are becoming more and more common these days. They require very little maintenance, are extremely durable, have high insulation, and are dent-resistant. Fiberglass doors consist of wood panels that make them suitable for both interior and exterior doors.

4. Aluminum doors

Aluminum door

Aluminum doors work wonders to boost the aesthetics of your home. They are extremely versatile and can also be connected as hinges or sliding doors. They are becoming a staple for most homes, both for interior and exterior doors.

5. Glass doors

Glass doors

Glass doors are made of glass panels set into wood, aluminum, or steel frames. They are mostly used in the back or side of the house, anywhere that requires natural light. 


What is the strongest type of door?

Generally, steel doors are the best options for security and durability.

What is the cheapest type of door?

When you talk of price, steel doors and flush doors are some of the cheapest types of doors available on the market.

Wrapping things up – Which type of door is best for your home?

There are a number of top-quality doors that offer security and durability while also being very affordable. Steel doors are often considered the best when you talk of strength and durability. When you talk of aesthetics, flush doors may be the right choice, offering simple yet sleek aesthetics to your home.

Keep in mind that you do not have to go with one type of door all through the house; your dream home can feature more than even 3 different types of doors. Contact us today and let us get the best there is for you.

Thanks for reading.

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