Smart Lock Doors – Meaning, How They Work, Pros, & Cons

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With various technological advancements being unveiled each day, it’s no surprise to see that even the open and shut mechanism for doors has seen massive upgrades. It may look a bit blurry how smart lock doors work, but the end result speaks for itself.

Most homeowners are adopting smart home technologies, and the number is increasing each day. But what are smart lock doors? How do they work? Are they the right fit for your lifestyle? Are they safe? Or are they just a bluff?

If you find yourself asking any of the questions above, whether as a potential homeowner or one looking to do some renovation, you are at the right place. This article will discuss smart lock doors, how they work, the pros & cons, and if they are worth the hype. So let’s get started.

What Are Smart Locks Doors and How Do They Work?

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A smart lock door is an electronic or mechanical device that can be controlled wirelessly either from a mobile app or a remote device by an authorized user. It provides its users remote access from anywhere in the world without having to use the traditional key.

Although various brands carry various features, the following are some of the most common features;

  • Keyless entry
  • Mobile access
  • Mobile alert
  • Custom user access codes
  • Nighttime illumination
  • Smart key (which is used to reprogram key codes)

Pros and Cons of Smart Lock Doors

Before determining if smart doors are worth the investment, you must be aware of their pros and cons. I will highlight some of the major advantages and disadvantages of having a smart lock door.


1. Convenience

One of the main reasons smart locks are thriving today is the convenience they offer customers. These devices have remote access, voice control, and other functionalities. For example, if you are at work and the babysitter or cleaning service needs access to your home, you don’t have to drive back home; you can do this from your smartphone.

Also, consider a scenario where you just got back from the supermarket, and your hands are full. You need not worry about placing all the groceries down to get your keys. Rather, you can just use the voice control function to get the door open. What’s more? It is also convenient for the aged or people who might have trouble opening conventional locks (e.g., people who are disabled).

2. Improved security

Security is one of the key factors when selecting which type of door you want or the features of that door. With smart lock doors, you have a significant improvement in the security level, and this will help keep intruders out.

Let’s look at this from a more practical aspect so you can understand it better. With conventional doors, you will need a key to access your home at every point, right? This key can be lost, locking you out of your own home, and could be stolen or duplicated, giving access to an intruder.

But with a smart lock door, these issues are somewhat annulled. This is because you have no physical key that can be stolen. And even if you lose your smartphone or controller, the intruder will still need to provide the key code that only you can provide. Most brands of smart lock doors even have an added camera feature. That way, you get to see exactly who is in front of the door at their time of entry.


1. They require a network connection to operate

Smart locks are controlled by smartphones and other remote controllers. These controllers utilize Bluetooth technology and/or internet connection. This implies that security or access to your home will depend on these things.

There is the possibility of your smartphone or controller being misplaced or stolen, leaving you locked out of your own house. The same can be said if there is a power outage that may cut off your Wifi or internet connection.

2. Battery concern

Although this is not applicable to everyone, it is still worth taking note of. Most lock controllers run on batteries, and as humans, we sometimes forget to charge some of our gadgets. If the battery drains completely, you might end up being locked from your home. However, most newer brands are built to notify the user once the battery reaches a particular level.

3. Hacking concerns

Most smart locks have security vulnerabilities that should be taken into consideration. To explain plainly, some brands may be hacked by intruders (although whether or not it is hacked strongly depends on the person’s hacking ability).

While most brands have taken the leap to address this issue, it is one you should keep at the back of your mind. You can take an extra step to read about the brand you are having installed and ask about any vulnerability in general.

Are smart lock doors better than regular key locks?

Well, no lock is perfect, but when it boils down to choosing one for your home, you have to decide on the one that offers more security first before considering convenience or aesthetics. The major issue with traditional locks is the key, which could be stolen, misplaced, or picked, leaving your home at the mercy of an intruder.

This is why smart lock doors are considered to be better than regular key doors, as your home will remain safe even if you lose your controller. The chances of your door being picked are relatively low since there is no lock or latch to pick in the first place.

The only concern to your security is the possibility of being hacked, which can also be prevented. This is done by adding two-factor authentication and encryptions, which will make it nearly impossible to hack.


Can smart lock doors be hacked?

Just like other wireless technologies, smart locks can be hacked. However, it is not as simple as it appears, and the success depends on the level of encryption and the technical skills of the hacker.

What happens if a smart lock door fails?

The worst-case scenario is that you will be locked outside your home.

Are smart lock doors durable?

Yes, they are. If maintained from time to time.

Are smart doors expensive?

Yes, they are, but only because of the many features that they carry.

Conclusion – Is having a smart door lock worth it?

When you compare smart lock doors and traditional key doors, it is very clear that smart lock doors are more secure than traditional key locks. Since there is no key, the chance of you being burgled is relatively very low. However, for maximum security, it is best to add two-factor authentication and encryption to reduce the chances of being hacked.

There is also the case of aesthetics and convenience in the usage of smart lock doors. The operation and added features make them stand out as well. So, yes, getting a smart lock door can prove to be a good investment.

I hope you found this article helpful. You may also find this article on the various types of doors helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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