Cost To Replace Carpet With Hardwood – Pros, Cons, & Tips To Save Cost

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When looking into remodeling or redoing a feature in your home, many ideas come to mind. Replacing the carpet with hardwood is most likely to pop into your mind. However, one question to ask is, “What does it cost to replace carpet with hardwood?”

Replacing carpets with hardwood has a lot of benefits. Not only does it boost the appearance of your home, but it also increases the home’s resale value. But before you go about commencing this project, you should learn if this move is right for you.

This article discusses carpet and hardwood replacement, the benefits, the cons, the cost, and how to save costs when replacing carpet with hardwood. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s dive right into it.

Cost to replace carpet with hardwood

The cost to replace carpet with hardwood borders on 3 major steps. They include carpet removal, carpet disposal, and hardwood flooring installation.

  • Carpet removal: Typically, you will be charged $1 to $5 per square foot for carpet removal.
  • Carpet disposal: Disposing of the carpet in a rented dumpster might cost a lot. Typically, you may be charged between $0.40 – $0.50 per square footage.
  • Hardwood Installation: The cost of installing the hardwood varies depending on the size of the home and the type of wood in use. Unfinished white oak can cost anywhere from $8 to $12 per square foot and $13 to $18 for imported cabreuva or kempas flooring.

What are the pros of replacing carpet with hardwood?

Now that you know the cost range, let us look at the benefits of replacing your carpet flooring with hardwood.

1. Improved appearance

Hardwood has an elegant and refined appearance that it offers to any home. Yes, many types of carpets are attractive, but hardwood has a unique appeal and a natural beauty that fits just about any style of home.

2. Cleaning and maintenance

With a vacuum and basic cleaning material, you can keep a carpet clean. But remember, carpet traps dust and dirt and has to be deep-cleaned once in a while. 

Deep cleaning or removing stains is very technical and is sometimes done by carpet cleaning companies. However, with hardwood, cleaning and maintaining is pretty basic. Hardwood has no fiber to trap dust.

3. Long lifespan

Carpets can last as long as 15 years, maybe more. But hardwood has a whole different lifespan. Hardwood flooring can last you 50 years, 100 even if maintained. For this reason, people prefer hardwood as it might prove to be long-lasting in the long run.

4. Increased resale value

As the adage says, you save the best for last. Hardwood flooring can increase the resale value of your home by 3 – 5%. This is mainly because hardwood flooring is one of the most preferred flooring choices.

What are the cons of replacing carpet with hardwood?

Every action we take has an opposite reaction, and your flooring isn’t an exception. If you are going to continue on this project, you must be aware of what you are losing. So, here are the cons of replacing carpet with hardwood flooring.

1. You lose soundproofing

The carpet absorbs sounds, and soundproofing is achieved by using carpets as they will absorb the noise of any activity upstairs. Preventing it from echoing through to the rooms below. Since you are switching from carpet to hardwood, your flooring will lose its ability to absorb sound.

2. You lose a special surface feel

One of the main reasons people prefer carpet flooring is the comfort that comes with it. It is soft, warm, and welcoming. Sure, hardwood can be softened with runners and area rugs. You can also add radiant heating under hardwood flooring; however, this will incur more expenses.

3. Cost

The cost of replacing carpet with hardwood is far higher than that of replacing with new carpet. Remember I mentioned that there are 3 major steps, and each comes with its own price tag. Definitely, it will just cost you less to replace your carpet with a new one.

How to save cost when replacing carpet with hardwood

Now, if you’ve decided to replace your carpet with hardwood flooring, you would likely be thinking of the figures involved. To help out, I will outline some basic ways to save costs when replacing carpets with hardwood.

1. Move all furniture out yourself before the installer comes

Before the flooring is removed and a new one is installed, all furniture that may be damaged needs to get out of the way first. You can do this yourself to cut costs.

2. Remove the carpet yourself

Carpet removal can cost anywhere from $1 to $5 per square foot. To save on costs, you can just have it done yourself before the installer arrives.

3. Dispose of the carpet yourself

You can also have the carpet disposed of yourself and cut costs. However, you must ensure you dispose of the carpet via an approved source.

4. Don’t change the entire house flooring

To cut back costs, you can change certain rooms or areas and leave the others as they are. It would reduce the overall cost compared to changing the entire house flooring.


Do houses sell better with carpet or hardwood flooring?

Yes, it does. A study shows that 66% of homeowners prefer hardwood flooring to be used in their dream homes.

How long to replace the carpet with hardwood?

The time varies depending on the type of floor being installed. But typically, it should take between 3 – 10 days.

Is it better to have carpet or hardwood floors in bedrooms?

Carpet is usually a better choice for bedroom flooring as it offers a more warm and cozy feeling.

In conclusion – Is it a good idea to replace the carpet with hardwood?

Both carpet and hardwood are beautiful features of the flooring of a home. Carpet has numerous benefits; it absorbs sounds, which makes it ideal since it reduces noise between floors. The surface feel of a carpet is also one unique feature, and this is great for homes with kids or people with joint issues.

Hardwood, on the other hand, has various advantages, which I believe drew you to consider a renovation project in the first place. Hardwood has an incredibly long lifespan, which makes it stand out as a long-term investment. Many potential buyers look for hardwood flooring over other types of flooring. This means you are likely to earn more from the sale of a home with hardwood.

But deciding on whether or not to replace the carpet with hardwood is entirely up to you. Simply weigh the pros and cons and see which option is more favorable to you and your family.

I hope you found this article helpful. Before you go, check Samkinsconstruction for more articles, which I believe will also be helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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