Questions To Ask Before Building A Custom Home (Of Yourself & Your Builder)


At some point in time, we all experience the process of buying or renting a home; it is a process that is simply exciting. But as life continues, we decide we can afford and desire to build a custom-built home. A home with design features and amenities that are added to match your personal lifestyle, and this is when complications or, should I say, confusion kicks in. Being new to this, you probably have so many questions to ask before building your custom home.

Are you considering building a custom home? Here are some questions you will want to ask before building a custom home, both yourself and your builder. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

Questions to ask yourself before building a custom home

1. How big is your family?

This question is a very critical question that requires critical thinking before any bricks are laid. The size of your family, both now and in the future, should determine the style and the size of your home. If your family is steadily expanding, you will want a bigger home with lots of rooms and open spaces to accommodate them.

2. Where would you want your home to be located?

Another very important consideration is the proximity of your home to various necessary locations. How easily can you access the supermarket to get foodstuff, gas, and other necessities? If you have kids, what is the proximity to school? And for you, what is the proximity to work? You will want a location that is in the same district.

3. Which building material do you want your dream home to feature?

The nature of the material used is also another important question to ask before building a custom home. The material your home features should be one that best reflects your personality. But I believe you also want to strike a balance with the curb appeal as well. So, you should do some research on the various construction materials, their maintenance needs, durability, and cost.

4. What is most important to you and your family?

What is most important to you and your family? Now, this is a very delicate question. To help you out, here are some criteria. Rank them according to which is most important, and share this list with your builder.

  • I want plenty of room and amenities for me and my family
  • I am on a tight budget and want the home build project to meet this budget
  • I entertain a lot of guests and want ample space to host them
  • Me and my family like indoor-outdoor living
  • I want a good return on our investment
  • A low-maintenance exterior is want is important to me and my family
  • I want energy-saving features
  • I want something unique and elegant in terms of architecture or design
  • The location is most important to me and my family
  • I want a home capacity that can accommodate multi-generations, your children, and even their children
  • I want a home with modern technologies

Questions to ask your builder before building a custom home

Now that we’ve covered the important questions to ask yourself let’s see what you should ask your builder before you commence building a custom home.

1. What was the toughest demand you ever got from a client, and how did you handle it?

Asking your building this question will give you a better picture of who it is you are working with. Is the builder only focused on building homes he or she can sell quickly, or is he result-oriented, focused on bringing the idea of the client to life? Is he friendly? Is he innovative? Just ensure you know who it is you are working with before you start your project.

2. What are your best procedures for handling delays or obstacles?

Another very smart and strategic question you want to ask is, “What are your best procedures for handling delays or obstacles? Remember, even the best-laid plan can still go astray, and this can happen during home construction. You should know how the builder communicates challenges to the client and how he/she handles these challenges. This should give you a better idea of the quality of the builder you are working with.

3. Can we see some homes you built and talk to a client?

Probably one of the most important questions of all; “can we see some completed project and talk to a client to get a review?” This should not be an issue for the builder to provide, and if he is hesitant to give a reference or show his completed project, then that should be a red flag.


Should you build a home or buy one?

Many people opt for buying as it is quicker but need I remind you that building a custom home comes with unrivaled advantages. This includes picking every feature (where you have to remodel to match your lifestyle if you buy the home) and getting new materials and appliances (reducing the chances of moving into a home with many repair requirements).

Is building a custom home costly?

Many people shy away from building one because they feel it can be too costly, but this isn’t always the case. If you work hand in hand with your builder, you can get a custom home that fits your budget.

How long does it take to build a home?

Building a custom home can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year.

Do you need a contractor?

Building a custom home is a very tough project that you want to be done just right. Hiring a contractor will help get the job right and eliminate stress.


Building a home is a very delicate project that requires a lot of thought and planning or preparation. This exciting experience can also be very overwhelming for just about anyone. You might have a lot of questions as regards to the construction process. This article highlights some of the most important questions to ask yourself and the builder before you commence this beautiful journey.

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