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Modern architectural style homes have been on the rage in recent years, and for good reasons, I might add. This style dates back to the 20th century and was inspired by the Modernism movement. The modern architectural style puts heavy emphasis on both form and functionality. With little ornamentation, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors.

Although the era that gave birth to this unique home style is well behind us, its continued popularity is undeniable. Keep reading this well-detailed article to better understand the Modern Architectural Style. You will learn about its defining features and the pros and cons associated with this unique home style.

What is a modern architectural style home?

A modern architectural home is built to emphasize function and streamlined form over ornamentation. This architectural style focuses on the integrity and purpose of the structure, which determines the form of the structure. The end result is naturally attractive.

These types of homes are usually built to feature some of the latest technological innovations. While modern architectural style homes used to be rare, they became more common as technology became more affordable.

What are the defining features of the modern architectural home style?

While modern homes are built in different ways, they do tend to include a handful of key characteristics. Some common defining features of this home style include;

1. Expansive open floor plans

One common characteristic or trait in all modern homes is the open-concept floor plan. This gives the home a modern look, followed by a feeling of simplicity and openness. The sense of openness and freedom appeals to human eyes while also allowing spaces that were once hidden, e.g., the kitchen, to serve as a beautiful showpiece.

2. Neutral Color Palettes

Modern architectural home design calls for natural color palettes, particularly for the exterior of the home. The use of lighter and more earthy tones is dominant in these homes. Most homes will feature materials like concrete, brick, metals, or stone in beige, grey, or white color. Some will also feature wood sidings to draw more focus to the home. 

3. Geometric shapes and clean lines

Modern architectural homes are designed with straight lines complemented by basic geometrical shapes for both the interior and exterior of the home. It embraces simplicity so the aesthetic will naturally be attractive, also creating an open, elegant, and inviting space.

4. Large windows

Modern architectural homes are graced with large windows, many of them from floor to ceiling. This allows the abundance of natural light into the home. Some will also feature large sliding windows or glass walls. This will merge the outdoor spaces with the home’s interior living space, promoting a seamless indoor-outdoor living environment.

5. Exposed structure

With modern architecture, the statement “less is more” is commonly used. Rather than featuring wallpapers or using prominent decorative elements to cover the building’s structural elements, they are left exposed for what they are. So, things like the exposed beams are left open to celebrate their authentic beauty rather than covering them with decor or wallpapers.

Advantages of the modern architectural style 

There are many perks of having this home style, and some notable ones include the following;

1. You get the latest technologies

Modern homes are often equipped with the latest and greatest technologies to improve their functionality. This includes features like smart thermostats, underground heating, smart showers, smart doors, and security systems. All of these are designed to make the home more comfortable and functional.

2. Energy efficiency

Another advantage of the modern architectural style is that they are built to be more efficient than most other older homes. With features such as large windows and energy-efficient appliances, you can save a lot of money on your monthly utility bills in the long run.

3. Timeless aesthetic appeal

The aesthetics of a modern architectural home are often considered to be timeless. The quality of this type of home style never goes out of style, regardless of the new trend. So, you can rest assured your home will always be looking chic and stylish.

4. Versatility

The modern architectural style is very versatile and customizable and can adapt to suit a wide range of tastes or preferences. Whether you prefer simple minimalistic aesthetics or you want something bold and eclectic, the modern architectural design can be customized to meet your needs.

Disadvantages of the modern architectural style

While there are many advantages to this home style, there are also disadvantages that you ought to consider. Some notable ones include the following;

1. Cost

One of the biggest drawbacks with this home style is the cost associated with it. Because they are outfitted with the latest and greatest technological appliances, they tend to be very pricey. Although this may pay off since these appliances will boast energy efficiency

2. Maintenance needs

As mentioned earlier, Modern architectural homes are equipped with various technologies and appliances. These appliances require regular maintenance, cleaning, or upkeep to keep them working at optimal levels and avoid unwanted and costly repairs.


What are the defining features of the Modern architectural style?

Some common defining features include clean, straight lines, no or little ornamentations, efficient use of space, open floor plans, interesting rooflines, and large windows.

Who found the Modern architectural style?

Le Corbusier is considered the pioneer or the father of the Modern architectural home style.

Where are Modern architectural homes most popular?

They are most common in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

In conclusion – Is the Modern Architectural Style Home a good investment?

Modern architecture might not be new, but it remains a continuing favorite for many homeowners. Who wouldn’t want a home that is fully functional, energy-efficient, highly customizable, and aesthetically appealing? A Modern home can prove to be a very good investment for you, but you must also be aware of the drawbacks that are associated with this home style.

If you have determined whether or not this home is the right choice, you will want to see some examples of our completed work to be inspired right? See our Portfolio page now then get in touch with us, let’s get you that dream home you’ve always wanted.

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