Does Putting A Battery On The Ground Kill It? [See What Causes Batteries To Die & Maintainance Tips]

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There is a common misconception about batteries, proper battery care, maintenance, and handling. It is commonly believed that putting a battery on the ground will kill it. But how true is this myth? Does putting a batter on the ground actually kill it?

Well, at some point in time, this would have been very good advice. However, through the years, batteries have been made with cases like polycarbonate and polypropylene for greater impact resistance. This prevents the battery from degrading even though it is left on the ground. So, no, putting a battery on the ground, on a wooden surface, or a metal surface does not kill it.

That said, many aren’t aware that letting your battery sit for a long period of time can kill a battery. You should read this article to learn the facts about batteries and the best practices for maintaining them.

Does putting a battery on concrete kill it?

Batteries are a standardized and portable source of power. They ought to be maintained adequately, or else their lifespan shortens. At one point in time, being informed not to put batteries on any surface (including metal, wood, and other materials, not only concrete) was good advice.

This is because the batteries produced then developed cracks if placed on damp ground or concrete, causing the battery to self-discharge. Hench, the myth of not placing your battery on the ground came forth. However, thanks to significant technological advancements, battery cases now have greater impact resistance.

This eliminates the ability of modern batteries to permeate and migrate electrolytes, which can be placed on the ground without any risk of chemical interaction or dead battery cells.

What causes a battery left on the ground to die?

After making it clear that putting a battery on the ground does not kill it, you may be forced to question further. It is customary for people to ask, “What causes a battery left on the ground to die?”

The fact is that the battery does not die if left on concrete, wooden surfaces, metal surfaces, etc. What actually kills the battery is just letting it sit for too long. It continues to drain until it is completely discharged and may fail to come up when tried to be used.

How do you maintain a battery that is going to be placed on the ground?

If you are going to place your battery on a surface for a long time, the following tips should help preserve your battery.

1. Hook the battery up to a 2-6 amp charger

Depending on the size of the battery, you can hook the battery up to a 2-6 amp charger. This should be done for a couple of hours once a month and should help prevent the battery from discharging completely.

2. Use a battery tender

Another good way to maintain the health of your battery left on the ground is by using a battery tender. It can simply be hooked onto the battery and left on 24/7, 365 days a year.

You may be wondering if leaving the battery to charge that long is healthy. Battery tenders are built with the ability to sense when your battery is losing electricity. When this occurs, it puts that energy back into the battery, and afterwards, it stops.

3. Keep the battery in a cool space

Heat is not overly good on the battery. It causes the battery to self-discharge faster due to the increased chemical reaction within it. Therefore, batteries kept in cooler climates will generally last longer than batteries stored in hot climates.


What happens if you throw a battery on the ground?

Throwing a battery on the ground is highly unsafe. The battery can be damaged, pose a fire risk, and can contaminate the groundwater if toxic chemicals from the battery leach into the soil underneath.

Can inverter batteries be placed on the floor?

Yes, it can. Modern inverter batteries are built with plastic cases such as polycarbonate or polypropylene and do not degrade.

Can you put a car battery on wood?

Yes, you can. Putting your battery on wood has no effect on it.


So, I guess that should put an end to the myth that batteries shouldn’t be left to sit on the ground. Modern batteries are built with cases that can handle the reaction with the ground.

That said, it is very important that you do not let your battery sit for too long on any surface. This is what actually kills most batteries, as the batteries tend to discharge continuously.

If you are going to be leaving a battery to sit a long time, then there are steps to take to preserve its health. In this article, highlighted are some of the steps to help you out.

I sincerely hope this article was of help to you. If it was, you should visit Samkins Construction today for more articles you might find helpful.

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