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Deciding a career path to follow is a very important life decision. You have to consider many factors before you venture into such a path, like your potential salary and your maximum earning potential. Have you taken kindly to the construction field? I believe you want to know how much construction workers make.

It is a fair question, to be honest, and I will do my best to provide a satisfying answer. This article provides an overview of construction workers’ salaries, influencing factors, tips to boost earning potential, and lots more that you will find helpful in this field. So, without taking too much of your time, let’s delve into the topic.


The construction field is a very broad one, encompassing a wide range of occupations, from HVAC technician to plumber, drywall installer, heavy equipment operator, and a lot more. As a thriving sector, construction offers job prospects in different communities across the country. But how much do construction workers make? Read on to find out.

How much do construction workers make?

According to research carried out by Talent, the average construction worker in the United States of America earns $39,000 per year or $18.75 per hour. Entry-level workers earn around $33,150 per year, while most experienced workers in the field earn up to $53,625 per year. Examining these variables will provide helpful insights to workers aspiring to follow this career path.

Can construction workers’ salaries increase over time?

Yes, it can. You must understand that when you start out as a new worker in construction, you are yet to develop any special skills. Even though you don’t know a lot yet, you are still learning, and this is a good thing. As time passes, you learn more, eventually working your way into other specialized and demanding roles, such as an electronic systems technician.

The fact is that you will gain firsthand knowledge of different roles in construction. Once you focus on one of these roles, you build your experience, and with more experience comes higher pay. Also, remember that you will get more benefits and bonuses from your employer.

That said, some factors can influence your earnings as a construction worker, both positively and negatively. I will discuss that in detail in the next section of this article.

Factors influencing construction workers’ salary

1. Education

Although not all fields in construction demand education, those with formal education or training tend to earn higher than those without. Normally, a high school diploma is sufficient for entry-level jobs; completing apprentice programs or earning an associate degree in fields like construction management will unlock greater earning potential.

2. Level of experience

Just like many other career paths, your earning rises with greater experience and expertise. Project managers, architects, and superintendents will generally earn more than entry-level workers due to their years of experience, supervisory duties, and leadership responsibilities.

3. Your area of interest

Although most of the work in construction revolves around physically demanding labour, certain roles are specialized. Some examples include construction managers, elevator installers, boilermakers, etc. These fields are special and are some of the most well-paid positions in the industry.

4. Location

Location is also another factor that can influence your earnings as a construction worker. In the construction industry, urban areas typically offer higher earnings than rural areas. This is because big cities provide a higher volume of work, and the cost of living is higher in urban areas. For these reasons, workers can demand more out of their paychecks.


What are the best-paying states for construction workers?

Some of the best-paying states for construction workers in the US are Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

What are the lowest-paying states for construction workers?

Some of the lowest-paying states include North Carolina, Florida, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

What are the highest-paid jobs in construction?

Some of the highest-paid jobs in construction are elevator and escalator installers, construction managers, tapers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.

Conclusion – A construction job might just be right for you

Construction offers diverse opportunities and career paths for those who are eager to start their career as a construction worker. Although the starting salary might be a bit modest, you can build your skill set through training and certifications and expect to be handsomely compensated.

However, you must be aware that even as a seasoned professional, various factors can influence your earning potential. Location, experience, education, and area of interest are some of those defining factors. That said, with diligence and the right work ethic, a construction career can be the right path to financial stability.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. You might also be interested in this job outlook article about plumbing business owners.

Thanks for reading.

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