Popular Bathroom Styles & What They Bring To Your Home

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The bathroom is a very special place in the home, we spend a lot of time there, not just to wash up but to unwind, relax, and invigorate ourselves. It is a place of sanctuary, a place free from all the stressors of our everyday life, and a place to cleanse oneself of dirt and grime. Surprisingly, there are different design styles you can have in your bathroom.

Whether you are renovating or installing a bathroom from scratch, it is quite normal to implement your own style. This will help create a bathroom interior that appeals to your lifestyle and reflects your individual personality.

This guide will help you know the most popular bathroom styles and what each of them can bring to your home. So, let’s get right at it.

Popular bathroom styles

1. Contemporary-style bathroom

Contemporary-style bathroom

The contemporary style bathroom features modern and classic designs to create a very unique aesthetics. With this bathroom style, expect clean lines, open space, and minimalistic adornment. Additionally, expect to see polished hardwood flooring, metal accents, and a simple yet commanding palette (black and white is often used to create visual contrast).

2. Modern style bathroom

Modern style bathroom

The modern style bathroom offers a sleek, bold, and simple décor, with clean and straight lines and the absence of clutter, keeping the focus on the architecture. Modern-style bathrooms feature top-quality materials, like resins, marble, stone, porcelain, teaks, etc. Fixtures include a tub, walk-in shower, sinks, and vanities mounted on the walls in order to save space and make the bathroom appear modern.

3. Traditional style bathroom

Traditional style bathroom

Traditional-style bathrooms are timeless, they focus on comfort, functionality, and practicality. It is one of the most popular bathroom styles featuring high-end materials, furniture-style vanity, classic bathtub, and antique-style lighting. The color palette for this bathroom style is usually soft and relaxing, such as deeper shades of blue, brown, gray, and wood tones.

4. Beach style bathroom

beach style bathroom

Beach-style bathrooms are modeled to mimic the aesthetics of an ocean and its surrounding environment. They are light and airy, aimed at keeping you relaxed and breezy. Some key features include statement wallpapers, accent and breezy colors, wall paneling, bold tiles, and texture elements (such as weathered wood, pebble tiles, or mother of pearl).

5. Craftsman style bathroom

Craftsman style bathroom

The craftsman-style bathroom places a significant emphasis on the beauty of natural wood and quality craftsmanship inside a warm or cozy atmosphere. The design components for this bathroom style feature quality materials such as granite, glass, and metal detailing. Other key features include a shaker-style vanity, warm lighting, a natural stone counter, handcrafted tile, and floor and wall treatment. The color palette for this bathroom style is rich and earthy in tone.

6. Farmhouse-style bathroom

Farmhouse-style bathroom

The farmhouse-style bathroom is becoming a common favorite in many American households in recent years. Who wouldn’t want a bathroom with a rustic and county feel, and just a dash of modern flair? Other key features include a shaker-style vanity, wall paneling, and a natural color palette like white with crisp black trim.

7. Mediterranean-style bathroom

Mediterranean style bathroom

The Mediterranean-style bathroom utilizes natural materials like natural stone, marble, granite, and clay to portray an elegant earthy look. Other key features include a statement mirror, ornate lighting, colorful tile, whitewashed walls, and a vessel sink.

8. Rustic style bathroom

Rustic style bathroom

The rustic-style bathroom mimics the Craftsman and Farmhouse-style bathroom. The classic feel of nature and wood is what defines the rustic styling, creating a welcoming space. Other key features include; a wood or wood-like vanity, a soaking tub, a vessel sink, and weathered finished hardware.


Which bathroom style is best for a small-size bathroom?

The Contemporary style bathroom is the right fit for smaller bathrooms, offering open space with minimalistic adornment.

Which type of bathroom style is more cost-effective?

Regarding price, the Rustic style bathroom is one of the most affordable bathroom styles.

Which bathroom style is most aesthetically appealing?

The Farmhouse-style bathroom brings an aesthetically commanding decor to your home.

Conclusion – Popular bathroom styles

The bathroom is a very important room in the home. It is the designated spot to take a hot bubble bath or a soothing shower, cleansing yourself of the dirt and grime of everyday work. It must also be relaxing and well decorated in both material, color, texture, and ornaments. This is why there are different bathroom styles to choose from.

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