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After the kitchen and bedroom, the bathroom is arguably one of the most used rooms in the home. It serves as a practical place for bathing and a private sanctuary for homeowners who like to unwind in their bathrooms.

Bathroom remodeling might appear to be more of a trend, but it is actually a necessity. Whether it’s a small upgrade or a complete bathroom overhaul, renovating your bathroom can breathe new life into the space, offering functionality, comfort, and improved aesthetic appeal.

However, before embarking on this renovation journey, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to how long a bathroom remodel takes. Along that, we will consider various factors that may influence the timeline. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

The time it takes for a complete bathroom remodel depends on the project’s size, the design’s complexity, and other unexpected issues. For small-scale projects, it can take up to 14 days (2 weeks). However, if the project is extensive or the size of the bathroom is big, the project can take longer. The estimated time frame for a larger-scale bathroom remodel is 21 days (3 weeks).

Bathroom remodel timeline

Here is a general breakdown of the bathroom remodel timeline;

  • Demolition stage: This is more like a site preparation stage where all old fixtures are torn down to make room for the new ones. This step can easily take a few days to complete.
  • Plumbing and electrical work: After removing all fixtures, new plumbing and electrical work will be done. Depending on the project’s complexity, it can take a few days to a week for all installations to be made.
  • Installation stage: After plumbing and electrical installation, the installation stage for cabinets, tiles, tubs, and other fixtures commences. Depending on the size or complexity of the job, this step can take a couple of days or up to a week till completion.
  • Clean up and finishing: Of course clean up and final finishing touches must be done to the bathroom. This includes painting, installing various accessories, etc. This should take no more than a few days until completion.

That said, you should note that these time frames are estimates and are not fixed. Various factors can cause delays during a bathroom remodel, affecting the timeline. In the next section, I discuss factors affecting how long a bathroom remodel takes.

Factors affecting bathroom remodel timeline

It is important to know that a bathroom remodel timeline can be influenced by several factors. Here are some key factors.

1. Size of the bathroom

The size of the bathroom to be remodeled plays a pivotal role in determining the project’s duration. Larger bathrooms generally require more time for demolishing, installation, tiling, painting, etc.

2. Design Complexity

The design complexity or intricacy can be another factor determining the duration of your bathroom remodel. Simple designs with minimalistic features will generally take a short time, unlike designs with intricate patterns and high-end fixtures.

3. Availability of materials

The material in which your bathroom will feature can also be a defining factor during remodeling. If you go for a material that is not readily available or has to be ordered, the project cannot commence immediately.

4. Plumbing or structural issues

During the bathroom demolition or preparation phase, many unforeseen issues may arise. Plumbing issues, structural challenges, and mold build-up are the most common unforeseen issues during bathroom remodeling, extending the project timeline.


Can you speed up a bathroom remodel?

Yes, you can. However, it is not advised as rushing can lead to mistakes or an oversight, which may affect the quality of the work.

Does a bathroom remodel take longer than a kitchen remodel?

Not particularly. The time it takes depends on the scope of work and the project’s complexity. However, in most cases, the kitchen takes longer because kitchens are larger than bathrooms.

Can you remodel a bathroom in 3 days?

No, you can’t. Remodeling a bathroom can take up to 3 weeks.


Remodeling a bathroom is an interesting adventure that can enhance comfort and add value to your home. From the planning stage to the demolition stage and to the clean-up or finishing stage, each stage plays a vital role in bringing your dream bathroom to life.

The timeline for bathroom remodeling can vary greatly, easily taking up to 3 weeks.  However, this time frame is not fixed; depending on the project’s scope and issues that may arise, the duration can take longer.

With proper planning and preparation, you can minimize potential setbacks. The end result should be a beautiful and comfortable space that adds value to your home and is well worth it.

I hope this article was of help to you. You might also find this article on how long it takes to replace flooring helpful as well.

Thanks for reading.

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