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Many people assume a carport and a garage is the same, in fact, a carport is often enlisted as a type of garage. Fair to say, they are very similar as they share the same primary objective, which is to protect the vehicles under their roofs.

However, the major difference between these two structures is how they look. A carport features a roof or a canopy and supporting pillars. A garage on the other hand is enclosed, it features walls, a roof, and one or more doors for entry and exit.

Are you contemplating which would be the best choice for your property between a carport and a garage? The answer may depend on various factors. So, below we will run through the differences between the two, their pros, cons, and considerations for choosing one among these two.

What is a carport?


A carport, also referred to as a car porch is a covered structure designed to protect a vehicle from the elements (rain and snow). This structure can either be freestanding (that is built on its own) or attached to a wall or the side of a home. A carport consists of a roof and supporting pillars.


  • Cost-effective
  • Can be made of different and affordable materials
  • Can be built quickly and easily


  • Non-theft proof, anyone can access your carport so security is a thing of worry
  • Offers little in terms of storage
  • Does not totally protect your vehicle from the elements as it is not totally enclosed

What is a garage?


A garage, in this context, is an enclosed structure that is designed to house one or more vehicles and protect them from the elements. This structure can also be freestanding or attached to a home just like a carport. A garage consists of a roof, walls, and one or more doors.


  • Offers complete protection from the element
  • Garages can also be used for storage
  • Does a better job at deterring car thieves than carports
  • Increases the value of the home


  • Can be very costly to build
  • Can take longer to build than carports
  • The maintenance requirement is more with garages than carports

Carport vs garage – What’s the difference?

Carports and garages are similar in many ways, they both have a roof and they both protect vehicles. However, there are a few differences between these two structures, they include;

1. The design or the look

The most obvious way to differentiate these two structures is the design or the look. Carports are not enclosed, they feature two walls at most, and some don’t (freestanding carports). Garages on the other hand are enclosed structures, that is they are surrounded by walls, a roof, and at least one solid door.

2. Size and additional usage

Garages are generally larger than carports. This is the reason why you find most families also using their garage as a storage space. Carports on the other hand are not designed to be too large in size. Even if custom-built, using it as a storage space is a bit far-fetched.

3. Cost

Another difference between these two structures is the cost associated. Carports are designed to be a cheaper alternative to building a garage. Building a garage means you will have to add insulation, drywall, electricity, and plumbing. This will cost more, unlike carports where only the roof and the supporting pillars are needed.

Carport vs garage – Which is better?

Even though both structures have their own pros and cons, garages are considered to be a better choice than carports. The reasons for this include the following;

1. Security

Carports are not enclosed, this means that anyone can have access to your carport once they are in your property. With garages however, the case is different, garage are built with at least one door, offering better security to your car and other items you might store in the garage.

2. More space

Garages can be used for other things as well, you can use it as a storage room, and some use it as a game room (that is when there is adequate space). But the same cannot be said about a carport.

3. More protection from the element

Carports are not enclosed, at most, they will have one or two walls (that is if attached to the home). This means that if there is a heavy downpour, your car is still exposed to the elements. But garages are completely enclosed, which means that it does a better job protecting your vehicle from the elements.

4. Better appearance

Although carports are still appealing, garages are known to have a better appearance. Garages can be built to match the overall design and appearance of your home. This is a good thing for homeowners who are invested in the overall appearance and curb appeal of their home.


Can you turn a carport into a garage?

Yes, you can. Keep in mind that a carport is basically a garage without 4 walls, converting a carport to a garage can be done but it is not a very easy task.

Where is the best place to put a carport?

The best place to put a carport is against one wall of the house.

Can you build a carport on your own?

Absolutely. Building a carport is a relatively easy task that can be done even if you have just a little construction experience.

Which is cheaper to build between a garage and a carport?

Building a carport is cheaper because it requires less building material than a garage would.

Conclusion – Still torn between a carport and a garage?

In summary, you must weigh the pros and cons of both carports and garages before you decide on which is best for you. But we recommend considering other factors as well.

Factors such as the cost of installation, the weather conditions in your region, the available space in your property, and the security requirement in that region. Garages and carports meet the different needs of different people, so, ensure you take this into account before making your decision.

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