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What do you think is the role of a window in your home? To many, the role of a window is to give a view of the outside environment and to allow light and air inside the home. But many fail to understand that a window plays other roles. Windows add beauty to your home while also protecting your investment from the weather or other elements.

When considering remodeling or building windows for your home, you have to choose from different types. It may come as a surprise to you that there are dozens of window types available today, each serving a different purpose and having its drawbacks.

This article highlights some of the most common types of window designs and styles to help you decide which is best for your project. I will also include their advantages and disadvantages to help make the decision easier for you. So, let’s get right into it.

Most Common Types Of Windows

1. Casement windows

Casement Window

Casement windows, also known as crank windows, are connected to hinges like some doors. They operate by turning a hand crank, which you push to open the window and pull to shut it.


  • The open and shut mechanism is relatively very easy to work with
  • Energy-efficient and weathertight seal
  • Good and easy ventilation
  • Customizable and can suit various styles


  • Mechanical parts in this type of window can eventually wear and tear
  • This type of window is not compactable with window air conditioning units
  • Size limitations

2. Double-hung or single-hung windows (Vinyl)

Double-hung or single-hung windows (Vinyl)

By far, this is the most common type of window style in most modern homes today. Single-hung windows consist of a tall rectangle with two sashes. The top sash is stationary, while the lower or bottom sash can open vertically for ventilation. Double-hung windows consist of the same two sashes. But in this case,  both sashes can open and close.


  • Energy efficient
  • Used for egress in basements as well
  • Easy installation
  • Can match almost all home designs


  • Ventilation can be limited
  • Not as airtight as other types of windows
  • Requires more physical effort to open and close

3. Picture windows

picture window

Picture windows have a low-profile frame locked in place. The glass is left bare to provide an unobstructed outside view. The distinct feature of a picture window is that it does not open, making it weathertight and offering better energy efficiency than other types of windows.


  • Delivers a beautiful view
  • Completely airtight (weathertight seal)
  • Fairly affordable
  • Little maintenance requirements


  • Heat gain in the summer if it is not insulated
  • No ventilation
  • Depending on the size and location of the window, the outside can be difficult to clean

4. Bay windows

bay window

Bay windows are known not only for their functionality but also because they offer an interesting design feature to the home. This type of window features 3 to 5 panels or windows. These panels are placed together in a bow setting to protrude further from the home’s exterior walls. This creates a bay or a shelf that most homeowners use for small-time gardening.


  • Allows natural light to enter the home
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Adds more space in the house that can be used for a number of things


  • Very hard to replace
  • Very difficult to install
  • High installation, repair, and maintenance cost
  • May block exterior walkways or spaces

5. Sliding windows

sliding window

Another common option for most homes is sliding windows. They are wide rectangular glasses installed in frames or two sashes that open horizontally. As the name implies, one sash slides over the other. Sliding windows are commonly used for basements, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Very durable
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to operate
  • A good option for egress


  • The center frame might obstruct the view
  • Depending on the location, cleaning the exterior might be challenging
  • Frames may start to stick or get noisy overtime as they slide

6. Awning windows

Awning window

Awning windows are windows with wide rectangles or square glass with hinges at the top of the frame. This type of window is built with a hand crank that often opens up and outward and is popularly used for basements, bathrooms, and other tight areas.


  • Can be left open even during rainfall
  • Very airtight
  • Very secure
  • The open and close mechanism is relatively easy to operate
  • Affordable


  • Mechanical parts may eventually wear and tear
  • Prone to damage if not maintained properly
  • May obstruct exterior walkways or sidewalks

7. Decorative glass windows (Large block windows)

large block window - Most Common Types Of Windows

Available in a variety of styles, decorative glass blocks consist of large panels of thick glass. Many homeowners prefer this type of window because it delivers a nice design point and can still provide privacy. For that reason, you will likely see this kind of window in strategic or key areas in the home, for example, in the bathroom or near the front door.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Secure
  • Waterproof
  • Airtight


  • No open view of the outside environment
  • It may come out as outdated to some people
  • No ventilation

8. Skylight windows

skylight window

Skylight windows are windows that are vented or fixed on the rooftop. They are the best option if you wish to provide natural light and views to interior rooms.


  • Provides natural light
  • Provides beautiful aesthetic views
  • Can help with interior solar head
  • Variety of shapes and sizes to choose from


  • Susceptible to damage
  • Very challenging to clean
  • The open and shut mechanism may be challenging
  • Improper installation and sealing could result in leakage
  • Expensive


What is the cheapest type of window to use in a home?

Generally, picture windows are the cheapest type of window because they use fewer frames and mechanical parts. However, they are not very common because they do not have an open-and-close mechanism.

What are the most common types of windows?

The most common types of windows you will encounter today are bay windows, single-hung windows, and double-hung windows (vinyl).

Wrapping things up: Types of windows

While Single-hung and Double-hung (Vinyl) windows are the best because they are affordable, durable, and easy to clean, deciding the best type for your home depends on certain criteria.

You have to consider the location, the size of each room, the direction of the wind, climate conditions, the utility of the room, and of course, the architectural point of view. Aside from the above-mentioned criteria, you must also consider your budget before starting this project.

At Samkins Construction Lnc, we help make your ideal home dream a reality while ensuring we stay on your budget. Contact us today and get the best deals on your window and home-build project.

Thanks for reading.

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