How Much To Tip A Handyman? [See When & How To Tip A Handyman]

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We all require the service of a handyman at some point; they handle almost all kinds of domestic jobs. Tipping a handyman is not common, but you may want to. But is it acceptable to tip a handyman? And if so, how much do you tip a handyman?

Practically speaking, it is very OK to tip a service worker if you are satisfied with the level of service. For example, after eating in a restaurant, it is normal to tip your waiter/waitress. However, in certain situations, tipping a service worker can be frowned upon, and a certain amount may be far-fetched.

Tipping a handyman is a very nice thing to do. However, you must consider a few factors first. To help out, I will give a guide on when to tip a handyman, how much to tip, how to do it, and when not to. Read on to learn more.

Can you tip a handyman?

It can be tricky knowing if you should tip a handyman for his/her services. It’s not like the normal conventional restaurant tipping. In this case, it is a whole new scenario entirely.

Tipping a handyman is not necessary or expected. However, if he/she exceeds your expectations and you deem it fit, you can show gratitude.

That said, there are specific scenarios you must look at before you consider tipping. Is the handyman the business owner? Or is he/she just an employee? Each situation will warrant different tipping protocols, which I will discuss further.

If the handyman is the business owner

If the handyman happens to be the business owner, tipping him/her can be a bit far-fetched. Many believe they are your equal since they run their own business. So, they might find the tip you offer them mediocre.

You may feel the urge to reward them if you are pleased with their service. The good news is that there are other alternatives to tipping that the owner would appreciate even more. They include;

  • Leaving a sincere and outstanding review online
  • You can offer to stand as a reference for future clients
  • Promise to refer your friends and co-workers

If the handyman is an employee

If the handyman is an employee, tipping him/her would be a great idea. But remember that this is not a necessity and is not expected. The general rule of thumb is to tip above $10 but not as high as $50. It will also be a good idea to ask beforehand if they accept tips.

This is because most employers frown against collecting tips. If this is the case, do not tip, but if it is allowed, you can proceed. Aside from that, you can also give an outstanding review to his/her employer. This would not only look good on the company but also the handyman.

How much to tip a handyman?

If you’ve considered the two scenarios above and have confirmed the handyman is an employee, you would want to know how much to tip the handyman The rule of thumb is normally between $10 – $20. You may go above that if you feel the handyman deserves it. However, you do not want to overtip, so it’s best to keep it below $50.

Can you give a handyman non-cash tips?

Many believe offering a handyman a drink or a snack counts as tipping. But the truth is that offering a handyman drink, snacks, or other types of amenities counts as a common courtesy. So, in general, you can give a handyman a drink or a snack, but it doesn’t count as tipping. The only non-cash tip that comes close is leaving a good review for the handyman.


When shouldn’t you tip a handyman?

If the handyman is the owner of the business or is unsatisfied with the service, you shouldn’t tip the handyman.

Are handymen allowed to collect tips?

Some of them are, but others wouldn’t if their employer frowns against it or if they own the business.

Is tipping a handyman a must?

No, it is not. Tipping a handyman is completely optional.


It can be pretty awkward, tipping a handyman ought to be as basic as tipping a waiter/waitress. But this isn’t the case because it is not something we see often. There is no stated rule or guideline as to how it should be done. But you may want to because you are satisfied with the service. It could be that he/she cost-effectively completed the job. Or you made a lot of requests, you know, the old “While you’re here, can you just …?” kind of requests.

However, tipping the handyman is not always the right move. If the handyman is the owner of the business, do not tip. Leaving a good review online and referring friends should be just fine. But if the handyman is an employee, you can tip him/her. You can tip the handyman any amount between $10 – $20. You can even go the extra mile and leave a positive review for the employee.

I hope you found this article helpful. You might also find the article explaining who a handyman is, and if being one is lucrative.

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