Framing In Construction – A Guide To Picking The Best Framing Material For Your Home

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When constructing a house, potential homeowners are frequently confronted with decisions to make. It is important for them to carefully consider each option to ensure that their home meets their specific needs and preferences. One of those fundamental decisions they make is the framing material to be used for their home. In construction, framing is the fitting together of various materials or pieces to give structural support and shape.

Home frames come in a wide variety of materials, making it challenging for homeowners to select the best for their home construction. For potential homeowners in search of the best type of framing material for their home construction, this guide presents the various types of framing materials. Along with that, I will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each framing material.

Home Framing Materials

1. Wood framing

Wood frames are by far the most common type of framing you will come across in residential homes in the United States. Softwood trees like fir, pine, and spruce are the go-to materials for wood framing because they are affordable and have a high life expectancy.

Strength of wood framing

  • They are easy to carry and assemble
  • Very cost-effective or budget-friendly
  • Installation is easy, hence reducing the cost of labor and installation
  • Wood framing is not resistant to rust

Weakness of wood framing

  • Since wood is vulnerable to moisture, it runs the risk of fungus
  • There is also the risk of fire, as wood burns easily
  • The structure can warp over the years as a result of temperature changes and humidity
  • Wood is susceptible to termites

2. Steel frame construction

Steel is a well-known load-bearing structure; you will likely find steel frames in shopping malls and skyscrapers. It was considered too heavy for home construction, but since light steel thin-walled structures (LSTK) were introduced, it has become an increasingly popular home framing choice.

Strength of steel frame construction

  • Environmentally friendly
  • It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio among all the other framing materials
  • Steel is very stable and does not expand or contract, which means that is a very durable framing material
  • Steel is fire-resistant, it is a non-combustible material that can help safeguard your assets against fire
  • Termite-resistant, it is an inorganic material so it is not a desirable food source for termites

Weakness of steel frame construction

  • Runs the risk of metal corrosion over time
  • Not budget-friendly (study shows that steel frame construction can cost 15% more than wood framing will cost)
  • Builders find it difficult to work with steel framing

3. Concrete block construction

The use of concrete block construction or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) is very common and is often termed a concrete masonry unit (CMU) in the construction industry. They are made of Portland cement and different aggregates like stone, sand, quartz, and water. When assembled into load-bearing columns, it distributes the load of the structure evenly.

Strength of concrete block construction

  • Easy to work with
  • Very durable under any condition, especially wind
  • Budget-friendly, even cutting energy costs in the long run
  • Fire-resistant, which makes it a great way to protect your investment
  • Lesser future maintenance costs, especially for high moisture regions

Weakness of concrete block construction

  • Heavy and difficult to handle and will likely require more manpower
  • Plumbing issues are harder to solve with concrete block construction
  • Some regional preferences might not be suitable for concrete block framing
  • Over time, they may be subject to water seepage

4. Structural Insulated panels (SIPs)

Another popular option for home framing is structural insulated panels. It is made of two oriented chipboard layers (such as plywood, drywall, and oriented strand board) and a foam core in between them. This framing material also acts as a good home insulator.

Strength of structural insulated panels

  • Insect-resistant
  • SIPs are a great option for those concerned about the environment because they are environmentally friendly
  • Structural insulated panels are very durable
  • Structural insulated panels also make for wonderful home insulators
  • Good structural strength and stability against hurricanes and earthquakes

Weakness of structural insulated panels

  • They require additional ventilation
  • Structural insulated panels are expensive since it is also a home insulator
  • They have inadequate fire performance ratings when compared to other framing materials.
  • Difficult to customize


Which framing material is cheaper?

In terms of price, wood framing is fairly affordable.

Which framing material is strongest for the home?

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) or Concrete Block Construction is one of the strongest types of home framing.

Which is the most durable framing material for your home?

Regarding durability, Concrete Block Construction and Steel Frame Construction are some of the most durable framing materials.

Why is home framing in construction expensive?

Home framing gives the home support and shape; it requires special skills and equipment, which ends up costing a fortune.

Conclusion – Choosing the best framing material for your home construction

Framing at Samkins Construction

When determining the best framing material for your home, you have to consider various aspects. If you consider cost, wood frame, and concrete block construction are some of the most affordable framing materials you will find on the market today.

If you consider other aspects like energy efficiency, Structural Integrated Panels (SIPs) would be the best choice for you. However, Concrete Block Construction or Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are generally considered the best. It is fairly affordable, very strong, has a long life span, and requires lesser maintenance.

When it comes to construction, it only makes sense to go for the best, and the best in construction and other construction-related affairs is Samkins Construction. What are you waiting for? Get in touch now, and let us get your construction project started.

Thanks for reading.

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