Contemporary Home Style – Meaning, Characteristics, Pros, & Cons


There are a number of styles that define a home, and the contemporary home style is very popular in this modern era. There are many reasons this home style is very popular, from the bright and airy feel to the serenity and comfort. This home style establishes its creative character through dynamic designs, balancing form and structure.

If you are planning to build a home from scratch, planning on remodeling an existing home or considering the contemporary home style, this article is for you. I will discuss this home style and its characteristics. I will also outline any pros and cons associated with this home style.

What is a contemporary home style?

Basically, a contemporary-style home is a home with design elements and features that reflect the current or latest advancements. These advancements can be in both technology and sustainability of the current century, which, in this case, is the 21st century. This home style is said to be evolutionary, which means it changes and grows as we do. Steadily adapting and adopting what is new, trending, and intriguing.

Characteristics of Contemporary-style homes

Below are some defining characteristics of the contemporary home style;

1. Open spaces

Contemporary homes typically aim to create a spacious and cohesive feel rather than closed-off rooms. This is done via the use of an open floor plan in common areas such as the kitchen, living, and dining areas. This serves to create one large space that feels lighter and brighter, as opposed to individual and smaller-sized rooms that will often feel smaller and darker.

2. Connecting with nature

Natural light is one characteristic shared between modern and contemporary home styles. Common adjectives used to describe a contemporary home style include light, bright, and airy. This home style incorporates an abundance of natural light into the home. Establishing a connection to nature and creating a more welcoming environment.

3. Simple material palette

The use of simple materials is another important characteristic or hallmark of the contemporary home style. This is done in order to achieve or establish a sense of simplicity for both the interior and exterior of the home that will still stand the test of time. For this reason, architects often recommend materials that age beautifully, such as wood, stone, and metal cladding.

4. Innovative and sustainability

Contemporary homes are designed to adapt to new trends and ideas, going beyond the norm and evolving with time. Still, sustainability and functionality is a very important consideration for contemporary homes. This includes the use of solar energy or green roofs and eco-friendly materials for construction.

Pros and cons of the Contemporary Home Style

Now you are well enlightened on the characteristics of contemporary-style homes, let’s review the pros and cons associated with this home style.


1. Spacious with lots of light

Contemporary home utilizes space as efficiently as possible to complement the entire structure of the home as a whole. A well-built contemporary home will often include ceiling space, hallways, and corridors to maximize airflow and maximize transitional space. Furthermore, the addition of large windows brings in natural light without compromising privacy or brightness levels.

2. Aesthetically pleasing

The primary aim of the contemporary design style is to create a balance between design, structural efficiency, and overall aesthetic value. This home style integrates aesthetically pleasing aspects into the overall design plan. This is done while still minimizing unnecessary structural add-ons to the home.

3. Plenty of room for customization

Another ups with this home style is that there is plenty of room for customization. This home style does not necessarily rely on symmetry or other design conventions. Rather, there is plenty of room for customization and future expansion. So, you can customize it until you get it just right.

4. Low maintenance

Thanks to the open floor concept of this design style, homeowners benefit from the low-maintenance nature of this home style. Unlike other home styles that may require a ton of maintenance work in other to improve the durability of the home.


1. Costly

Contemporary homes make use of high-tech materials that may automatically tell on your budget. Furthermore, with the advancement of technologies, the demand for high-skilled laborers has seen an increase in recent years, too. This means the expenses of purchasing and adding these features will soar.

2. Prone to damage

Contemporary homes are designed to require very little maintenance, with open layouts and easy-to-clean finishes. But as beneficial as this may be, it doesn’t mean the home won’t require regular upkeep. These materials are prone to damage from natural disasters and other accidents. This can be a big issue with this home style.


What materials are used for the interior of a contemporary home?

Generally, metal, stone, and opaque or clear glass work well for the interior of this home style.

What are the features of the contemporary style home exterior?

An asymmetrical layout, free-form design, large windows, eco-friendly building materials, and green roofs are key features for the contemporary style exterior.

Does a contemporary home cost more than a traditional home?

Generally, the cost of building a contemporary-style home is higher than the cost of building a Traditional-style home.

Do contemporary homes sell?

Yes. Contemporary-style homes have much broader appeal than most home styles to homebuyers.

Conclusion – Is a contemporary-style home worth it?

Contemporary-style homes remain popular due to their simple yet bold, elegant, and highly customizable design. Not just for home buyers but builders alike. There are lots of timeless elements or features that make the contemporary home a great choice. So yes, it is definitely worth it.

That said, the style of home you choose for your build or renovation project should not be chosen based on trends alone. The home style you choose should bring you joy, after all, you are going to spend a lot of time in it.

Above all, make sure you choose to work with an architect who will bring your dream home to life. Finding a balance between cost, functionality, and the needs of you and your family. Leverage their expertise to create a contemporary home that you can enjoy for decades. This is what Samkins Construction Lnc offers you. Get in touch now.

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